Asociación de Productores Audiovisuales Valencianos
Jorge Juan, 3 - piso 1º pta 2 || 46004 Valencia (España) || +34 963 942 185


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PAV (Valencian Audiovisual Producers), is an association that reunites companies of the audiovisual sector of the Valencian Community. It promotes unity and solidarity among the associates, defending common and general member interests before the Administration and any other organization or institution.

Among its goals you will find the following:
Represent , defend and promote the economic, social, professional and cultural member interests.
Create favourable conditions for audiovisual productions.
Encourage solidarity among the associate producers, promoting and creating common assistance services.
To program the actions necessary to obtain social and economic improvement of his members.
Dignify and improve its members´ professional activity.

PAV represents the main part of the audiovisual sector of the Valencian Community, being an organization that reunites executives interests of the audiovisual sector of the Valencian Community, its main goal is to take care of companies and executives necessities.

PAV his centring its maximum efforts in to open a line of dialoge and benefit of services, for that reason from this Web page we want to be closer of our associates and all those that of a way or other one are related to the audio-visual sector, of this way opening the doors so much towards inside of our organization and services as showing to the potential and the development of our sector towards the society.